Saturday, September 13, 2008

Billy started his 8th grade football season this week. He is playing linebacker on defense and receiver on offense. His team won their season opener against Sommers 48-6. This morning, they had a little tournament--3 short games. His team won one, tied one and lost one. He is doing very well and we are thoroughly enjoying his games!! He's such a wonderful young man!

Growing Baby

Tanner is growing fast--all the kids are. He is changing so much at this stage. He's starting to smile and coo more regularly now. He loves to look up and is curious about his surroundings. And Amelie and I can atest to his grip--he's latched on to our hair a few times and boy, is he strong! He's definitely a keeper--and still has blue eyes (I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, though I know they could still change. We are all enjoying the newest member of our family.
Tanner was blessed on Labor Day weekend. Anna and Jacob with Justin, Chelsea and Coby were there, as well as Michael and Karen and Grandma Marie. We missed Tiffany and Mary immensely. It was a great weekend as we traveled up to Logan's Pass on the Going to the Sun road through Glacier National Park. Jim gave a beautiful blessing and Tanner was a great baby until it came time for pictures after church. He's a wonderful baby and very loved!