Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ethan's growing!

Of course, Ethan is growing like crazy--already having to put clothes away that he is too tall to wear. And, he rolled over about two weeks ago for Jim--twice in a row, from his tummy to his back. I was so jealous, though glad Jim could enjoy this first. When I tried, he did nothing--until tonight. Tonight, I was playing with him during his 'tummy time' and sure enough, he was rocking back and forth and alley-up, there he went, rolling from tummy to back! He didn't do it twice, but it was definitely ALL his doing. He's so amazing! He is also 'talking' to us now, laughing, smiling, and cooing every chance he gets--between being mauled with kisses and avoiding swinging legs and arms as siblings play around him, he just takes it all in stride. What a joy to have him join our family!

NWAACC Championship

Mary did it. As a freshman, she was chosen forher conference second team All-Stars. She was the libero (backrow specialist) and played most of every game--she came out from time to time, but never for long. She is an exceptional volleyball player and had a wonderful team full of talent and friendship to join her on the court. And not only did she receive that honor, but she and her teamwon the NWAACC Championship the past weekend. They played so well and it all paid off. It was a long, grueling battle as they went to 5 games TWICE with the same team--the one that took 2nd place. But, they prevailed and came out on top. We are so proud of Mary and her teammates. It was thrilling to watch them play! (It made me miss coaching as I watched, but I will return to the game when the little kids are older--probably when Amelie starts playing in 4th grade--I've already been told they are always looking for coaches . . .) Mary got over 100 digs during the tournament. She is simply amazing and setting a great precedent for her younger siblings. Way to go, Mary!! We love you so very much! You ARE Number One!! (Of course, we have always known this!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Billy's athletics

So a milestone has been reached. You know your son is growing up when he's ready for his own letterman's jacket! Billy just got his jacket. He lettered in Wrestling last year, so it's all decked out with his letter and everything! What a snazzy looking young man! Last year, Billy played football, wrestling and track. This year, he played football and starts wrestling in a week. We are looking forward to watching some great wrestling this year!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween 2010

So I am a Halloween freak! I love it less than Christmas, but not by much. I think it's because I like to dress up almost as much as the kids do. If I remember correctly, I liked to dress up as a kid myself. I didn't have the time or energy to go as crazy as I have in the past, but we did have a good time the week before Halloween (we didn't trick or treat on Sunday). We went to the Halloween carnival that the youth in our ward put together--it was Ethan's maiden voyage to a church activity. He slept the entire time (despite my friend Jennifer's efforts (she loves to hold him). But Amelie, Eric and Tanner had a blast and Billy worked the haunted maze that the Young Men put together.
Then on Friday, we went to the Whitefish Mall carnival and played games and trick-or-treated tot he stores for two hours. We went with friends and had a blast!
Saturday, we attended the tri-ward Trunk or Treat. I didn't really decorate the car much (last year we won for our car decorations)--I just didn't have time. But we had fun, anyway. Tanner opted to sleep through the entire event (I woke him when we got to the church parking lot and asked him if he wanted to sleep or trick-or-treat and he said sleep. I even asked him a second time because I was so amazed with his choice. Amelie and Eric gathered plenty to share with all of us, though--and we handed out quite a bit, too. So, by Saturday afternoon, we had celebrated plenty and were ready to hang up the costumes for a while.
Now we are rubbing our extended bellies and enjoying the cosutmes we got for next year at 90% off--don't worry, they will be well broken in by next Halloween! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Ethan's Baby Blessing

Last Sunday, we were able to bless our Baby Ethan. Here are a few pictures. Jim gave him a beautiful blessing. I am so thankful for such a wonderful, worthy priesthood holder. It is comforting to know that he is there and wiling and able to give blessing as needed. And Ethan is such a sweet baby boy--already cooing and smiling and even a laugh or two. And Jim texted me Friday afternoon that Ethan had rolled over from his tummy to his back--two or three times! He has yet to roll for Amelie and me, but he is a lot of fun as he 'talks' to us and smiles and squeals. My mom, brother Michael and sister-in-law Karen came down for the blessing. We had a great time with them hanging out and shpping. The kids were so excited to see them! And they were good sports about playing games and, well, just playing with them. Here are just a few pictures of the family--I'll try to get more here as soon as possible.