Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking Mary to College

So in less than two hours, we take off for Oregon to take Mary to college. It's almost surreal. This date has been on the calendar for so long and now it is finally here. The car is loaded to the brim. We are all ready and anxious for the trip, but I think it is going to be a tougher trip than we all imagined, especially emotionally! If you've seen the new Toy Story 3, you know what I mean. It's so exciting, but at the same time, we are going to miss her so very much. Mary is a wonderful daughter, full of smiles and laughter. SHe is so motivated and ambitious. We are proud of her decision to continue her education--you can't make a better investment in your future than higher education. And we are so thrilled that she is able to continue playing volleyball at the college level. That is a tremendous opportunity. I started thinking this afternoon what her life is going to be like once we drive away. I remember my own college days and the mixed emotions I felt. I know it is going to be a little scarey and a little nerve-warcking and very emotional! But we couldn't be more porud of Mary and all this trip represents.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New car seat

Did you know all car seats have an expiration date? And the one that lasted through Amelie, Eric and Tanner (though the cloth cover is a bit beat up) states, even engraved in plastic on the back, that it is not to be used after December 2009. Hmm-- we're a year off. So luckily, while the girls and I were shopping yesterday, we saw some for 50% off at Target! Lucky! Of course, I couldn't remember if I was right about the expiration date or not, so I called Jim--twice--to check it out. Unfortunately, he didn't see that notice and it didn't say anything on the stickers. I called the Pediatrician's and the DMV, who said they SUGGEST you get a new one every six years, but it isn't necessary. So I didn't get it.
When I got home, I checked out the car seat and found the engraving. Ugh--
I know the hospital inspects the baby in the car seat before you can leave and they wouldn't miss the warning, so Jim, being the absolute sweetheart that he is, went back to Target for me after picking Billy up from Football camp to get it for me. So now, we have a new baby car seat for our last baby--only now that I have it up, I don't think it clicks into the stroller like the one I had before. I thought they all did, but I can't figure this one out. I guess baby Ethan deserves something NEW and all his own, since most everything else has been through the other kids. Fun, fun adventures ahead!

pulling a trailer

We just took the training wheels off of Amelie's bike (for the second time). Usually, she rides next to me when I do my daily bike ride~and she keeps up very well. Last night, I had the bike trailer attached and Tanner loaded up. Eric was going to stay with Dad and play his Playhouse Disney computer games. Amelie decided she wasn't ready to ride all the way to the store without training wheels, so we thought we would try Eric's bike--it's the same overall size--his seat is lower. Only, you need tools to raise his seat. So, we left it low and started out. About two and a half blocks later, she was lagging behind and admitted that it was too hard. So, we head back. And then Eric decided to join us. So, Eric sat in the seat behind me and Amelie joined Tanner int he trailer. Nothing like hauling over 125 extra pounds! It's amazing how even the slightest incline that you would never even notice in a car suddenly JUMPS out at you like a scarey monster. We did make it there and back--all in one piece, but Eric was so nervous in the seat behind me (only when I stopped and the bike would lean a little to either side) that he and Tanner traded places. We even added a good 10lbs. of groceries to our load on the way back. Luckily, it was a nice, cool evening. I definitely got my exercise in for the day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mary's YW Award

Today was Mary's last Sunday in Kalispell before we take her to college. Once she graduated, she had been going to the singles ward in the Stake, so she hadn't received her Young Women's Medallion yet, even though she was done. So today in Sacrament meeting, she was the first item of business. And bless his heart, our Bishop even got choked up. Mary is such a good girl and has really set a tremendous example for the Young women here. She is the first young woman or leader from the ward to receive it in the last two years. Mary has worked hard to get all of her goals done, on top of all her schoolwork, sports, work and, of course, other church activities. And Mary is already a loveable, sweet, happy and accepting youmg woman to everyone she meets. I have never met someone who hasn't liked her. (of course, I am a bit biased, but I think I'm right on the spot on this one). We are so thankful for her example to her siblings and for the ambition and drive she exudes. Way to go, Mary; we are so proud of your efforts and accomplishments!

Friday, July 23, 2010

wanting to need you

Eric is the sweetest,most tender-hearted little boy. He is quick to get his feelings hurt and quick to love. He has recently come up with the saying, "Mom, I was wanting to need you." How can you resist his hugs and cuddles when he says something like that?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Waterpark Outing

The other day for playgroup, we went to the waterpark in town. I had the kids so psyched up for it, they even spent the morning cleaning their rooms so they could go (I finally found a motivation that worked!) Tanner kept saying "waterpark! Waterpark!" all morning and wasn't content until his swimsuit was on. Eric and Amelie were just as excited to get there. Amelie had been given a coupon to get in for free from having helped her kindergarten teachers with somethign in class, so I had one less child to pay for, too. That was a nice break, though it really isn't very expensive. We were there from about 12:30-4pm and had a blast. Eric and Amelie played together so well in the water. They were tackling each other and leading each other around in the kid's pool, which is pretty impressive--it goes from nothing to about 2 feet deep with LOTS of water spouts and inventions spraying water or shooting water up, etc. Even Tanner loved it. The pool provides lifejackets that the kids wore the whole time. With the help from a friend, we even went in the lazy river. The kids sat in a big inner tube while I held onto the tube and walked along with them around in a circle. Tanner wasn't so sure about the waterfall (it actually reminds me of the icing machine that the donuts pass under at krispy kreme--there's no escaping it!) but we made it fun. Amelie even 'swam' around the lazy river one entire loop! And of course, they played with their friends as they swam. It was a great adventure and despite the use of sunblock, we all came home with rosy cheeks :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

So just when you get comfortable and think that everything is going well--a smooth-sailing pregnancy to end on, you ought to know that a glitch is coming. I went for my 29 week appointment and glucose test on Thursday. That morning, I did the two hour fast and drank the lemon-lime glucose drink and drove to the doctor's office. Miria, the nurse, pricked my finger and ran the iron and glucose tests. My first indicator that something was awry was when she declared, "Oh, WoW!!" at the scores that appeared. Then she asked me, "Have you been feeling tired lately?" It was all I could do to stifle an outburst. Tired? Of course! I am constantly tired, but I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant. We both laughed a little and she clarified, "I mean more than usual." Yes, I have been, and I was actually going to bring that up and see if I could get an iron supplement as I had with the other three. "Oh, yes," she replied, "you will definitely be getting that!" My score was 8.7, which though I am always borderline anemic, this was extremely low--no border in sight. Okay, easily remedied; I can handle that.
The shocker was the glucose test. Her reaction to that score was even more extreme. My score with Amelie was borderline diabetic, so they had me do the 3 hour test and I came out fine. Well, this time, my score was so high I don't even have to do the longer test (yeah!); they simply diagnose me (ugh!). So, they look for a score of 120. Mine was 208. Not good. I have gestational diabetes. Great. And to boot, the baby was measuring big--now, at every previous appointment, the baby measured maybe a little big, but within normal. Interesting that it would spike now. So, yesterday, I had another ultrasound. The kids came with me and got to see the baby, too, which was really neat. Sadly, Baby Ethan did not cooperate with a facial shot, but was saw the rest of him and were able to get all the measurements. And sure enough, he is measuring 32 weeks, not 29. And I guess he has really big feet already (according to the tech, who was, by the way, very good).
So, in the next week, I have three more appointments: one with the diabetic specialists; one for a fast and finger poke; one with the doctor. It looks like I will be going in weekly now and recording everything I eat and poking my fingers a lot. But I am not worried. I followed a diabetic's diet ten years ago when we thought I might have had diabetes--I had a few symptoms, but ended up only (hah, 'only') borderline. I did it then; I can do it now. It's healthier, anyway. I just have to lower carbs and sugars. And for the iron, I have to eat lots of red meat (every day, the doc said) and spinach. (and other iron-rich foods, but those are the heavies). I am not as upset or worried as I thought I would be. Even the doc said that these are easily controlled issues. My only question now is: if baby is really 32 weeks, can we count on an August baby? I would really like that, actually, even if it is August 30 or 31! I'll keep you posted . . . Until then, it's spinach, steak, whole wheat and fruit for our house!