Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy half birthday, Tanner!

Tanner is six months old today. When I took him to the doctor for his check-up, we learned that he is 22lbs. 1 1/2 ounces and 28 inches long. That puts him around the 98th percentile in both height and weight. The doctor figures Tanner will grow to be about 6'2" or 6'3". He had to have three shots, plus the first of two flu shots. They usually don't give them until 6 months old and even though we are at the end of January, there is still a fair amount of winter left here in Montana. Plus, the doctor told me that there have been several critical cases here in the Flathead County with babies and the flu and one fatal incident in Missoula, so I was more than ready to go ahead with the flu shots. Amelie almost joined her brother crying as she watched. She knew what was coming as we had been talking about it for a few days. Eric didn't even look--he poked his head out the door and kept an eye on the hallway while Tanner got poked. And even Tanner didn't cry for long. Once the nurse was done and I cuddled him, he settled down,nursed and took a nap. That's the way we like it! What a brave boy--and very healthy. And lastly, the lump that had been on his right hand just under the ring finger is either gone or so small, neither the doctor nor I could feel it at all anymore. Yeah!~ Both the doctor and nurse commented on how content and happy Tanner was. He is a very happy boy for the most part. And when he is upset and tired, you know it. The doctor told me he was perfect and I have to agree! WE love our Tanner boy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Follow-up on Mr. Gunny Bag

For those of you who commented about Mr. Gunny Bag, I thought I would give you an update on how well he worked. Amelie was so worried that once she and I had gone through and organized all her toys, she has still played, but all I have to do is say that I think I hear Mr. Gunny Bag coming and she and Eric rush to pick up whatever toys they see on the floor. And at Joy School, it was just as effective! The kids cleaned up in a record 40 seconds AND they loved to hear Mr. Gunny Bag cry because they had picked everything up, so there were no toys for him to eat. I am amazed at how well this worked. Basically, I took a white garbage bag and Amelie and Eric helped draw hair, eyes and nose on him with permanent markers. I drew the mouth around the opening, which pulls shut once he 'eats' a toy. What a miracle this plastic garbage bag has been for us!

Words of a two year old

I have to tell you that life with a two year old boy is never dull. He dresses up as either superman or a pirate. (He thinks he is Captain Jack Sparrow even though he really has no idea who that is.) He lugs around the two pirate sets of toys he owns and says Argh! He'll take on anyone in a sword fight. And with his cape on, he carries around the superman figure he got as a baby and cries, 'Superman to the rescue!' before darting off to save the world.
But what is even more entertaining are the phrases he picks up on and uses. I told him what was for breakfast one day and he obviously did not like what I had said because he folded his arms across his chest and stated emphatically, "That is impossible!"
One night while eating dinner, he turned to me ans said, "Thanks for dinner, mom. It is delightful!"
Tonight, I insisted that he eat his dinner before he got dessert. He, of course, did not like that and told me, "Mom, you are driving me nuts!" Sadly, I am pretty sure he heard that one from my lips :(
He is so smart and funny and all boy--we are so glad he is a part of our family.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mr. Gunny

As part of Amelie's Joy School, we are introducing a Mr. Gunny Bag this week (lucky me, I get to teach). Mr. Gunny bag is a pillowcase that we are going to draw a face on and I am going to put a drawstring around the opening as his mouth. Any toy that Mr. Gunny finds on the floor, he eats. He may give it back if the kids are good, but if he eats it a second time, it is gone indefintely. Amelie, Eric and I have been talking a great deal about Mr. Gunny all week. Amelie has been quite worried about when he is going to come to her room and I assured her we would not see him until she and I had properly cleaned her room together so as to give her a fresh start. I don't think she has decided if she likes or desn't like Mr. Gunny--sometimes he scares her (the idea of missing toys, really) and sometimes, she is excited to prove that she can keep her room picked up.
So, in preparation for Mr. Gunny's arrival, the kids and I cleaned their rooms and categorized their toys--Princess toys here, baby doll stuff here, play food here, guns, swords and bats here, balls here, cars, airplanes and trains here, ... you get the idea. And finally, tonight, we finished. I am just praying that they keep their rooms picked up now--I have been threatening to do something like Mr. Gunny for a long time and now, thanks to Joy School, I will be implementing it. So, let's hope Mr. Gunny is going on a diet!