Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pampered Chef

I just became a Pamperd Chef Consultant and as I practice and review recipes and product info, Amelie is right there beside me. She has become quite the helper. She now wants to 'do Pampered Chef' with me whenever I am practicing a new recipe or trying out a new tool. She has become quite the tart shaper and loves to cook with me. She will even talk like she is a Consultant doing a cooking show, repeating phrases she has heard me practice and acting so mature! It's fun and entertaining. I love spending time with her in the kitchen and Pampered Chef has really increased the time she and I spend cooking together. She loves using all the cool tools (just not the knives--or other sharp ones). She is already becoming quite the Pampered Chef, herself!

Tanner is two months old

Tanner has hit his two month mark and it is so amazing the changes we see already. He is so curious--always looking around him and trying to take it all in. He is cooing and smiling more and more. He's even starting to reach for toys. The grip on hair is still very solid!

I found a hard, bluish lump in his right palm, under his ring finger. The doctor checks it out tomorrow. Hopefully, it is nothing. We love our little Tanner man!