Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby Update

Well, our little bundle is nearly four weeks old. Eric still doesn't quite understand and keeps asking, 'But how old IS he?' When I tell him in weeks, he is confused, but when I say he is zero--no years yet, that doesn't make sense in his little mind either, because how can he be zero--he's here, born, isn't he? So cute!

Ethan is so fun! I wondered if the younger kids would show signs of jealousy and to my surprise and joy, instead, they just love on that poor boy day and night! He has been kissed, hugged and kissed so much, there is no doubt how much he is loved! He is a good baby and mostly patient when I have to put him down to take care of a sibling. He sleeps well in his carseat (what baby of mine hasn't?) He makes lots of grunts and even some coos now, too. I love it! As I sit and nurse, I love to stroke his cheeks and wonder how we are ever going to survive when I go back to work. I know Jim can handle it--but I am going to miss him so much (the other boys, too, but mostly the time with the baby. I am going to get very good at planning lessons, writing tests and assignments one-handed as I hold my last little baby as much as possible once I get home each day! We will survive. We have to. We are from strong, good stock and we will do what we have to . . .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Brother Eric

All the kids have been so loving and fun to watch with Ethan, but the cutest and most touching by far has been Eric. Every time he comes home from preschool, he comes over and checks on Ethan. He often asks me 'How's Ethan been doing?'
Today, however, on his way out the door to preschool, he gave me the rundown, 'Now, if Ethan gets hungry, be sure to feed him. And make sure you take good care of him. And if you want, you can give him your knuckle to chew on.'
All this he said while walking out the door and down the walk backwards so as to keep my attention. It was so sweet and so hilarious! At least he is taking a vested interest in his baby brother and in his role as a big brother.