Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gotta Write

Things have been, to say the least, a little hectic around our home this year so far. I have been adjusting to the new French IB testing and all the work that goes along with it(since there is no set textbook--we get to do it all on our own with whatevere resources we have time to research and personalize for the needs of our students). I have been inundated with grading and then having issues posting grades so then I end up spending my time responding to parent emails, reassuring them that their child's grade will be much more reflective of his or her efforts if I could just get all the grading done and entered without another incident. Then there are all the French Club events that suddenly piled on at once, and on top of that, I leave with 7 students for France in about three weeks and we still have much to do to prepare. And that is just with work. There is a NEVER-ENDING pile of laundry either to wash or to fold and put away. The sink is almost never empty or clean for more than a few minutes and usually it is stacked so high you can't rinse the next dish off without spraying or draining water everywhere, including all over yourself. Toys are everywhere but in their boxes and bins. The counter is covered with children's school work, food, kitchen utensils, left-ver Easter candy, and way too much other paraphernalia. Ugh! I can't seem to escape to any relief. But I need to write. i need the release. I need the therapy it provides. So, instead of getting ready for the birthday party that starts in 4 hours, for which nothing is fully ready, or going to the cardio pump class I really wanted to attend this morning, or holding a yard sale, which I really need to do to declutter (and where is the time to go through everything to find the stuff to get rid of?), I am writing. Just a little, but writing, I am. And I feel a little better. Now, to dress the baby and get the grass to the dump so our car doesn't stink all weekend long!