Monday, September 5, 2011


Not only are the kids in school, but fall sports are back in swing. Billy is running on the crosscountry team and enjoying that a great deal. He has run all over town and tells me that the team knows where all the best fruit trees are, so they grab a pear of plum as they run by. Fun! Eric started flag football yesterday. Last year, he cracked us all up as he would run the other way or not know at all what was going on. This year, he is getting it a little better. Of course, on his one run with the ball, I was chasing Ethan (he was attacking a little girl the entire time--I think he just wanted to give her hugs, but at his ability, he holds on more for balance and, well, he scared her off, poor kid). I may have one picture of it, but he did a great job running through the crowd, but right after someone grabbed his flag, another opponent, obviously not aware of the rules of FLAG football totally took him down. Coach carried him off the field and called out, probably for my sake, 'He's okay!' Amelie and Eric start cross country themselves in a week or two, then basketball. Finally, Mary is into her 2nd college season of volleyball. They won their tournament this weekend in a 5 set victory against the team they play on Wednesday at home. She played a lot of right back this weekend and I think she single-handedly kept her team in the game with her positive and upbeat attitutde. She is definitely a captain and a leader.

He's walking

Our cute little Ethan is now walking. He actually took his first steps 2 weeks ago, but now he is cruising around everywhere. He takes a few steps, wobbles on one leg for a second or two, and we all hold our breath to see if he can keep himself up. Then he gets that next foot down and keeps going. He'll stumble, fall and get right back up a million times, but he keeps going. It amazes me how determined and resilient he is. He tries so hard to keep his balance and not let his head get too far ahead of his feet. He knows where he wants to go--it just takes a little concentration and will power to get there. Sound familiar? I know that feeling. Thanks, Ethan for reminding me to take my time, to not let my head get ahead of my feet.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Kindergartener!

Our sweet, sensitive little Eric has reched the ripe old age of 5. And with that comes the kindergarten experience. I was a little more nervous about his first few days. After all the time I had to spend away from him this summer, he reminded me constantly of how much he missed me when I was gone. I was sure I was going to get a call in the middle of class that he was upset. But, I was thrilled to pick him up at the end of his first day with no tears or sadness. In fact, he made sure to tell me that he didn't miss me at all (gee, thanks :)) Actually, I was relieved that he was enjoying himself so much. In fact, he enjoys school so much that one day this week, he was 25 minutes late to class because he hadn't heard the kindergarten bells (it is rather confusing. All I know is that kindergarteners have to listen for 2 bells and Amelie, who is a big 2nd grader, has to wait for 4 bells.) He has also already lost (and found) his lunchbox and one day afterschool, he followed the bus kids all the way to the bus lane and was waiting in line with them as his teacher, Amelie, Tanner, Ethan and I frantically searched for him. There is never a dull moment with Eric. He is so cute and so kind and fun. I am sure he has said some fun (and probably silly) things already in class. I am so thrilled that he has entered the world of academia. That's my boy!