Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a day!

A lot of great stuff happened today, so I am just going to go through and report on it all.
This morning, I took the second day of Parisi speed school classes--it's the free intro week at the gym. It was a great workout--totally different from what I usually do. In fact, sometimes, when I am in step class (which I really do enjoy), my eyes will wander tot he clock and a curse a little under my breath that only 5 minutes has gone by and we 'get' to go through the routine one more time. But today, the Parisi class was over long before I thought an hour had truly passed!I am a little sore--my quads, my lats and delts. It's a great program!
Then, once I got home, as a light and wet snow fell, we said goodbye to Tiffany and Mckayli after having had a wonderful few days visiting with them. They were on their way to Missoula to watch Billy's last football game of his freshman year. It was a very good game--His team won 21-15 and he played pretty much the entire game. I have really missed watching the last couple games as they were all away in Missoula. I did help a few other moms help make lunches for him and his team the night before and that was a great opportunity! He is such a great young man. I am so thrilled that he did so well tonight. Now it is on to wrestling . . .
Well, after Tiffany left, Jim, Tanner and I headed to Eric's Joy School for the Halloween program. They sang a few Halloween songs and paraded in their costumes. They were so cute!! Eric is such a cute kid! There is nothing like it when just lately, every so often he will tell me when I am helping him do something, 'Mom, you are the best Mom ever!' It just makes my heart melt and makes me want to try even harder to be a better Mom.
Then, after work and Amelie's first Dentist's appointment and some Pampered business, Jim, Amelie, Eric, Tanner and I headed across town to Glacier High for Mary's last region game. Last time we played Glacier, it was at Flathead High and we lost in 5 very intense games. Tonight, we won the first two games fairly easily--we were ahead the whole time and there wasn't much worry. However, in the 3rd game, they rose up and it was close--27-25, I think, was the final score. So, going into the 4th game, I was already on edge and anxious. It was neck and neck the entire time. Finally at 22 a piece, we finished the game, set and match. Yeah!! It was thrilling. We may see them again next week for playoffs, too! Oh boy!! Thanks to so many friends who came out to cheer!
After the game, Mary was on a local radio that broadcast the game. It was her second time on the radio but first time live. Plus, last week, the Flathead Beacon did an article on her for their newspaper (see the link to read the article). As well, the news covered the game highlights and showed a dig and a hit by Mary!!! She is a superstar and we love her so much!! We are blessed with six truly wonderful children! They are by far, our pride and joy!

Check it out: http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/faces_mary_allen/13665/

We should be able to post a link to the news report tomorrow~

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