Saturday, February 13, 2010


So with a full time job, a busy calling and a wonderfully full calendar of family activities, our family blog has been pushed to the side. And since life has not waited, I have missed posting some very important and exciting events in our families life.
1. Mary signed her letter of intent to play volleyball for the Timberwolves at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon. This is so exciting! The coach is planning on starting her as a Libero (backrow specialist). The team came in second in their division last year and I am sure they will be even better next year! She is a tremendous player and it is great to see how excited her new coach is to have her playing for him next year. We can't wait, either. We'll all go when her games are close (like in Spokane: 3ish hours away).
2. Billy got to go to Divisionals for Wrestling last weekend and he won 2 of his first three matches, which qualified him for State!! He is one of four freshmen going with our school's team to state. Flathead High has a legacy to uphold in Montana. I believe we have held first in State for four or five years. Jim and Mary are in Billings cheering him and our team on right now--I am home with two very sick little boys, so I figured it wasn't wise tot take them. Besides, I will see Billy at State Wrestling next year! Way to go, Bill! We are so thrilled with the work and dedication he has put into his activities and look how it has paid off.
3. Tanner is talking a lot more, though he refuses to string words together. It's still nice to know what he is trying to say :) He loves nursery and playing with his siblings. He especially likes watching Mickey Mouse. Right now, he's fighting a cough and a bad fever. He's a trouper, though.
4. Eric is talking up a storm and has figured out how to play most of the computer games that Amelie plays. We have a collection of CD preschool games and just recently, he has branched out to Playhouse Disney games. It amazes me how these little kids catch on to technology.
5. Amelie wrote out her Valentine's all by herself. She loves reading and spelling--they have started spelling tests and she has done fabulously. She also just had her 100th day of school and knows how to count to 100 in several different ways (by 1's, 5's, 10's--and is working on 2's). She also had her first sleepover at her friend's house last night. She was so excited. She is very responsible and often shows great maturity for her age.
Jim and I are plugging along with work, family and church. We love watching our children grow up. It is a thrill like no other.

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Rebekah said...

Thanks for the updates!! Sounds like you are all so active and busy! Keep up the good work!