Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Brother Eric

All the kids have been so loving and fun to watch with Ethan, but the cutest and most touching by far has been Eric. Every time he comes home from preschool, he comes over and checks on Ethan. He often asks me 'How's Ethan been doing?'
Today, however, on his way out the door to preschool, he gave me the rundown, 'Now, if Ethan gets hungry, be sure to feed him. And make sure you take good care of him. And if you want, you can give him your knuckle to chew on.'
All this he said while walking out the door and down the walk backwards so as to keep my attention. It was so sweet and so hilarious! At least he is taking a vested interest in his baby brother and in his role as a big brother.

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Linsey F said...

Adorable! What a wonderful big brother!