Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be Patient

I have never been a very patient person. I want thing and I want them now. Perhaps that was the lesson Heavenly Father was trying to teach me in waiting for my Prince Charming to arrive. I complained to Him a lot and begged and pleaded to hurry up and let me meet him. Obviously, my way was not His way and I had to simply wait it out until the time was right. And when I met Jim, I knew there was something different there--I couldn't wait until he responded to my emails (we met on LDS And once we started dating, I couldn't stop thinking about him, talking about him, . . . Waiting for the next time we would see each other to come was excruciating. (We lived nearly an hour apart.) Despite Heavenly Father's efforts, I still was not learning patience as I should. And then we had to wait for a letter to come from the First Presidency so we could marry in the temple. It came rather quickly, though, so it wasn't as painful a wait as it might have been.
More lessons in patience came not quite a year later when our little Amelie was born. I love being a mom, please don't get me wrong, but I was not prepared for the lessons it would teach me. Patience is still one of the biggest and most difficult qualities I have needed and am still working toward developing. My husband and all six wonderful children get the brunt of my training and I am so sorry for that, but I am learning slowly...oh so slowly to be patient.


momma street said...

oh, don't we all wish we had patience!! RIGHT NOW, of course!! Keep learning sweet friend.

Garcias said...

Kara-I couldn't relate with you more with having patience with my children. Sometimes I wonder if they're ever going to survive me, or vice versa:)