Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy half birthday, Tanner!

Tanner is six months old today. When I took him to the doctor for his check-up, we learned that he is 22lbs. 1 1/2 ounces and 28 inches long. That puts him around the 98th percentile in both height and weight. The doctor figures Tanner will grow to be about 6'2" or 6'3". He had to have three shots, plus the first of two flu shots. They usually don't give them until 6 months old and even though we are at the end of January, there is still a fair amount of winter left here in Montana. Plus, the doctor told me that there have been several critical cases here in the Flathead County with babies and the flu and one fatal incident in Missoula, so I was more than ready to go ahead with the flu shots. Amelie almost joined her brother crying as she watched. She knew what was coming as we had been talking about it for a few days. Eric didn't even look--he poked his head out the door and kept an eye on the hallway while Tanner got poked. And even Tanner didn't cry for long. Once the nurse was done and I cuddled him, he settled down,nursed and took a nap. That's the way we like it! What a brave boy--and very healthy. And lastly, the lump that had been on his right hand just under the ring finger is either gone or so small, neither the doctor nor I could feel it at all anymore. Yeah!~ Both the doctor and nurse commented on how content and happy Tanner was. He is a very happy boy for the most part. And when he is upset and tired, you know it. The doctor told me he was perfect and I have to agree! WE love our Tanner boy!


Ashley said...

He is darling!!

Jerusha said...

That is just like my Allison. She was 21 lbs at 6 months and she is now 28 lbs at age 1. It's good she walks because with my growing belly it makes it hard to carry her.

The Umphress Clan said...

wow...he's growing up so fast!!! he weighs more than Adellae I think she just barely reached the 20 lbs!! That's awesome though he will be good for football.