Saturday, November 14, 2009

the other Eric

I have to admit, I have Linsey to thank for this post. I love reading the cute dialogues she posts about funny things her daughter says. I often don't think of recording it when my kids say cute things. But, today, Eric said a few really cute things, so here goes:
At the volleyball game, I had some leftover Halloween candy for the kids to snack on. Eric had already had several, so when I told him 'no more,' he responded ,'you won't be my best mom anymore.' I let him know that he would still be 'my best Eric' even if he didn't like my decision.

Then later at the hotel, I came out of the bathroom and he asked 'mom, do you want to see my other Eric?' 'Sure' I replied, not sure what that might mean. He walked up to the full length mirror/closet door and said 'see, the other Eric.'


Linsey F said...

So cute! I just love the little things kids say that make you laugh or even cry. It gives us a small glimpes of their sweet spirits and how they really "see" things!

I love "the other Eric!"

Lisa Love said...

What a cutie!

Anna said...

Ah, I miss my little surfer boy. :)