Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seriously LOVE the gospel

The church is amazing! I just talked to a Bishop's wife in Minnesota--far away-- whom I have never met but who is going to help me get a babysitter for Ethan while I sit at training next Saturday in their town. How blessed I feel to have a worldwide network at my fingertips! I can have confidence that they are good, trustworthy people and I can feel of their desire to help me even though they don't know me. It's because of our faith and beliefs that I know my baby will be fine and safe with whomever I find within their ward to help me out. For so many more reasons, I love the gospel and know it is the truth, but this is just one more blessing from membership in such an amazing nwtwork of brothers and sisters in the gospel!


Anna said...

You're going to Minnesota?

Becky Jones said...

How did the trip turn out?