Monday, March 28, 2011

getting old

So with family responsibilities, lesson plans, grading and primary assignments, I have not had time to play/post online for much other than searching for IB documents or ideas for my French 4 students. So now that it is spring break, I thought I would take a few minutes to dust the cobwebs on our family blog. The little kids and I are in Calgary visiting my mom & brothers. The concept, however, of "Spring' break is lost on this trip as our first night here, it snowed and covered any signs of spring that were trying to pop out--if there were any. There was already a good blanket of snow pulled up over the ground. I've already been able to hang out & visit with my mom & all 3 brothers. It's so fun to get together! It does, however, remind me of how much time has passed and how old I am getting. I have not colored my hair for quite a while. With everything going on, it has been last on my list of priorities. So, I am showing my silver (sounds much better than gray!) more than ever. I figure I have certainly earned each silver hair--like the silver beaver in scouts, or a silver medal, I figure it is simply a sign of my efforts over the years. I will probably color my hair again soon, but that does not mean I am not very proud of every silver hair I have :)


Becky Jones said...

We are both getting older but that's okay. I may not have the silver hair but the wrinkles are sure there. I am jealous that you're able to visit Mom and the boys. I don't know when we'll have enough money to travel that far and to get passports. Someday maybe... Have fun!

Lisa Love said...

I love your positive attitude!