Sunday, May 22, 2011


Not so good at keeping up-to-date, but thought I would add a little something. I should really be grading papers, but I guess a few minutes won't hurt. A lot has happened lately . . . On Eric's 5th birthday, Billy was ordained to the office of a Priest in the Aaronic priesthood. He is growing up so quickly. He is such a wonderful ,helpful young man. He is funny and good and he sure loves his siblings--both oler and younger. And they love him right back. He is quick to wrestle with his little brothers and sister and teach them wrestling moves. It's actually so fun to watch. So, we are certainly proud of him and his worthiness to hold the priesthood.

Ethan is now doing the military crawl and crawling at least one step before going back down to the ground and shuffling across the room. He is such a happy boy, alhtough he does not like his bike helmet! He laughs like no other baby. He loves to eat whatever we are eating and now has two little bottom teeth. He is adorable and so fun to love!

Tanner is a terror and a sweetheart. It's extremem to extremem with little middle ground. He is either creating a disaster or loving you or helping you with the baby. He sure loves his little brother! He has a tremendous vocabulary for a 2 year old and isn't afraid to express himself to EVERYONE. He constantly says Hi to everyone we pass--and often adds, "I'm Tanner. Who are you?' He thinks running away is a lofty hobby and loves to eat and run! We love him, too, so much!

Eric says the darndest things. I really just need to attach a microphone/recorder to him because I swear i will remember his cute little snippits because they are so clever and adorable, but when I finally get the chance to write it down, I can't remember it. He is ambitious and so cuddly and lovable. He loves to make others happy.

Amelie is stuck between being a little and a big sister and the only girl at home. She loves to create imaginary worlds to which she brings us all. SHe loves t create and write. She wrote a cute little song the other day (remind you of anyone? I used to do that!) She is very crafty and creative. I love her desire to make the world beautiful! She is a little princess!

Tiffany and her ittle family are in their own apartment and I am so excited for them. I can't wait to meet Holly and see her cute big sister growing up so fast!

Mary is still nursing her foot. It's so hard to stay down when you are such a go-getter! She is such a bright, hard-working girl. No longer a college freshman--crazy!

Jim and I stay busy, busy, busy as we pass each other each day. He get a moment together from time to time :) Like last Thor's Day, he took me (and Ethan) to see Thor--since we had just begun the unit on Norse Mythology. It was very good and, aside from the technology side, was pretty accurate. And today we went to a Primary lunch that we held for our Primary workers and their spouses to thank them for all they do for us. They are amazing--but that's a whole other entry!

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