Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4 days til departure~

In just FOUR short days, Jim, Billy, Ethan and I will be boarding a plane on our way to France! Last year when I attended the firt meetings, it wasn't really something I was planning on doing--I would have gone had tere been the need for another chaperone, but I was okay to wait until the next trip to head a group. Not because I didn't want to go but because I knew I would have a little baby and it would be a big chunk of time away from my children. However, as things played out, I needed to step in and take the lead. And I have learned so much. I absolutely love the company with whom we are travelling. Language and Friendship is a wonderful organization and the idea of a family stay is amazing. I am so excited for my students--and a little jealous that I didn't have such an opportunity when I was their age. But I do get to stay with friends while they are with their host families for a week. And at least I get my husband and my baby with me. It has been a challenge and a sacrifice on many levels, but when cards come your way and an opportunity like this arises, you have to take it and run. My other children who don't get to go this time know that since I have/get to teach French for a while now, they WILL get their chance to go with me. And that is exciting for us all as it motivates me to keep teaching them French and gives me a fringe benefit of having to teach. My mouth is already watering for my first pain au chocolat aux amandes (my favorite patisserie) and a viennoisse (my second favorite). And how often do you get to go back to TWO wards in which you served as a missionary to visit?
I can't begin to thank my wonderful, dear friend Jennifer for being so willing to watch the three little kids we will be leaving hee. I get more and more anxious about leaving them, not that they won't have a blast with her--they love her children--and her--so much. I am just going to miss them dearly. But we will call and send postcards to them, so that will help. Paris or BUST!

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Melissa said...

We are so jealous!!! Eat some yummy patisseries for us and have a ball!