Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Kindergartener!

Our sweet, sensitive little Eric has reched the ripe old age of 5. And with that comes the kindergarten experience. I was a little more nervous about his first few days. After all the time I had to spend away from him this summer, he reminded me constantly of how much he missed me when I was gone. I was sure I was going to get a call in the middle of class that he was upset. But, I was thrilled to pick him up at the end of his first day with no tears or sadness. In fact, he made sure to tell me that he didn't miss me at all (gee, thanks :)) Actually, I was relieved that he was enjoying himself so much. In fact, he enjoys school so much that one day this week, he was 25 minutes late to class because he hadn't heard the kindergarten bells (it is rather confusing. All I know is that kindergarteners have to listen for 2 bells and Amelie, who is a big 2nd grader, has to wait for 4 bells.) He has also already lost (and found) his lunchbox and one day afterschool, he followed the bus kids all the way to the bus lane and was waiting in line with them as his teacher, Amelie, Tanner, Ethan and I frantically searched for him. There is never a dull moment with Eric. He is so cute and so kind and fun. I am sure he has said some fun (and probably silly) things already in class. I am so thrilled that he has entered the world of academia. That's my boy!

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Becky Jones said...

Kindergarten is so much fun! You are so lucky that you get to go all day!