Friday, April 6, 2012


Mary will be playing volleyball at the University of Great Falls. It also has an AMAZING program for physical therapy which excites her even more than the volleyball! We are all just excited that she will be only half the distance away as she has been :)

Billy is in Oregon this weekend with 80 other IB students doing some labs for his IB Biology class. We can't wait to see pictures and hear all about this adventure.

Amelie is loving Brownies and reading and riding her bike and all sports, though she still can't wait until she is old enough to play volleyball like her sister

Eric loves kindergarten, despite his struggles with fine motor skills. We have a whole slew of hand exercises that we4 ought to be doing more often, but he is sharp as a tack otherwise and a real crack up.

Tanner is our swordsman and our linebacker. He's ALL boy and loves to wrestle his brothers and show off how intelligent he is. He loves riding his bike around the block.

Ethan is learning to talk. Although Dad doesn't always recognize his efforts as actual words, Mom swears she hears words like Light, Dog, Go, Stop, and Down. Ethan still has a cute pouty face and walk, though luckily we don't see it as often anymore and it takes only a second or two to change into smiles and laughter.

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