Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring cleaning?

We had the day off today for District music competitions and I have made the most of it. I got a good workout in this morning after making breakfast for the kids. When I got home, we had lunch, then picked up Amelie's friend for a sleepover. At home, I cleaned out the garage (still lots more to do, but at least it looks better, more organized and the bikes fit in better) while I played with the kids. Tanner and Ethan are quite the frisbee throwers! I took Ethan in the wagon around the block what felt like a million times, though it was probably only 3 or maybe 5. He fell asleep so I put him in his little bed and organized/packed up all boots, gloves, hats, scarves and snowpants until next winter (providing we don't have a freak snowstorm like Calgary is currently experiencing). I have clothes ready for Tiffany to go through in 2 weeks when she gets here--see what will fit her girls of Amelie's old 12 month-2T stuff. Oh, and last night, Amelie and I put together her bookshelf so her room would be a little more organized. Now I just need to go through Ethan and Tanner's clothes and box up the ones that don't fit anymore. Tanner's stay put until Ethan is ready for them and Ethan's go to storage until I decide what to do with them. Ethan is crying and the bacon is thawed, so on to the rest of the day . . .

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