Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today being Thanksgiving, I would like to take a minute and reflect on all the things for which I am thankful. I have a tremendous husband who loves me so much. I have six wonderful children without whom life would not be complete. I have a family who loves me and whom I love. I have a warm (usually) home that keeps us safe. I have a knowledge of God and Jesus Christ that leads me and guides me every day through all I do. I have wonderful friends all over the world whom I love and cherish. I have many luxuries of life. And though life is never without its trials, I am so thankful for my life and for all that Heavenly Father has given to me!

Here are a few pictures from our Turkey feast today. We had a wonderfully relaxing day and even started pulling the Christmas decorations out tonight. Tomorrow, we go to the mountains to chop down our own tree!!! I can't wait!


Linsey F said...

How cute--love the napkins tucked in the shirts! Is it freezing there yet?

Lisa Love said...

Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving. Everyone looks wonderful. Lizzy was excited to see Amalie. Your blog looks great

Lisa Love said...

Dear Amelie,
I want to come to your house tomorrow. The mountains are beautiful. I want to color a picture for you. I miss you.
As dictated to her mommy