Wednesday, November 12, 2008

how do you do it???

I see so many cute blog pages and I know your templates are not on the blogsite itself--where do you get them and how do you use them/add them/implement them into your blog? Can someone teach me?


PEHNelson said...

Hey kara! Go to and then follow the instructions for there. You'll just need to go to your layout page and "add a gadget." That's it! it's way fun and addicting to change your layout. Another website is Basically if you google "free blogger templates" you could get a whole bunch of them!! HAVE FUN!

Linsey F said...

Yeah...what she said!

Lisa Love said...

ditto what they both said. It is addictive. I'm trying not to check my everyday but I can't help myself. Check out our blog at

Your family is adorable!!!! What a great little guy you have there. Lizzy was way excited to see Amelie's picture. Whenver we go over to Jessica Hansen's house she always says, "This is Amelie's old house"

Debbie Allen said...

You need a site meter to see who is looking at your blog. Go to