Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting ready for Easter

Amelie has been so excited for Easter. Every day for the past few weeks, she has asked me if it was Easter yet and how much longer we have until Easter. She and Eric got to take a picture with the Easter Bunny at WalMart today and they were both ecstatic. They know the Easter Bunny is coming and are just as excited about this as they were about Santa at Christmas. But at Christmas, I am very careful to always point out that Santa isn't why Christmas is important, but the celebration of the birth of our Savior. As we were driving home tonight and taling about all the activities we are going to be doing tomorrow to celebrate Easter, I stopped and asked them if they knew why we have Easter. No, I don't, Amelie replied. So, I took a minute and explained that we celebrate the atonement and resurrection of the Savior at Easter and these gifts are what help us so we can fully repent since Jesus paid the price for what we have done wrong when we repent and do all we can to be better. Amelie was so amazed that Jesus would pay for us. (She's into paying and understands what it means to give up money for something she wants.) I think she is starting to get it--it's like I saw a little light bulb start to flicker in her bright little mind. Eric didn't quite grasp what I was saying, but he will. What a blessing to be able to teach these little spirits and watch as they gain their own understanding of gospel principles.

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