Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Logic of a little boy

Eric & Amelie say the funniest and cutest things. I need to write them down as soon as they say them because as much as I think I could never forget their witty remarks, I am getting old and more and more forgetful. Here are the two I do remember:
Eric has a habit of sticking his fingers in other people's mouths. It started when he was a baby--while nursing, he would find my mouth. It probably didn't help that I would sit and kiss his fingers while he nursed. Anyway, the other day, he put his fingers in Tanner's mouth, and Tanner, being a typical teething 8 month old, bit him. Eric promptly stated, "We need a new baby!" I asked, "One who doesn't bite you?" "Yes!" he emphatically replied.

Amelie came down to the basement as I was organizing my Pampered Chef desk and said, "Mom, may I have my own Pampered Chef when I get big? I really want my own, just like you. Then we could both be Pampered Chefs!"


Becky Jones said...

What fun things kids say! And BTW does Jim have a coat? I'm sure he does but he never is wearing one in any of the family pictures no matter how cold it looks outside. Funny!

Allen Family said...

yeah, he loves it up here in the cold!! He does have a nice coat but he rarely wears it--only when it is really cold. No wonder he had such a hard time in the AZ desert!