Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love writing--it comes with being an English Major. I especially love writing in my journal. I was really good for a very long time. I decided on my 12th birthday that I would write every single day--and I did for over 10 years. Once I got home from my mission, I don't know if I was just burnt out or what, but I slacked off. It was maybe once a week, which was fine, but then it got to be once a month or every other month.
Just after Eric was born, we moved to Carlsbad, NM for a little while. I had no calling and was in the Mother's room a lot. During sacrament it was fine because I could still listen--and I am pretty sure I got more out of the meeting when I was in there than when I was in the chapel--less distractions. However, during Relief Society, I had nothing to listen to. I started bringing my journal with me and writing while I nursed. I did much better. Then, I slacked off again.
I am back to not doing as well as I would like, so when a friend told me she uses ldsjournal.com to keep updated on her journal writing, I thought I would check it out. It is so neat! I started last night and wrote a lot! They have prompts to get you going, personal info to record and so much more--and it's free. It even sends you a reminder to write. It is all personal and private, so you can write exactly what you want. I am excited to see if this helps get me back on the bandwagon!


Tiffany said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! I used to always write too, it was like brushing my teeth lol. I love to write and with two kids it just seems to be another one of those things pushed aside. But since I am so addicted to this computer...that is definitly something to look into! How fun! Thanks! :)

The Umphress Clan said...

I must say I love how with all your family pictures in the outdoors your kids are bundle you have a light jackie and then jim has nothing. Very cute!

Allen Family said...

Yeah--I love the journal thing.
And as for jackets, Jim never needs a coat when the rest of us do and I am getting acclimatized like I was before I moved to Yuma :) But we're taking our time with the kids. :)