Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ethan's Baby Blessing

Last Sunday, we were able to bless our Baby Ethan. Here are a few pictures. Jim gave him a beautiful blessing. I am so thankful for such a wonderful, worthy priesthood holder. It is comforting to know that he is there and wiling and able to give blessing as needed. And Ethan is such a sweet baby boy--already cooing and smiling and even a laugh or two. And Jim texted me Friday afternoon that Ethan had rolled over from his tummy to his back--two or three times! He has yet to roll for Amelie and me, but he is a lot of fun as he 'talks' to us and smiles and squeals. My mom, brother Michael and sister-in-law Karen came down for the blessing. We had a great time with them hanging out and shpping. The kids were so excited to see them! And they were good sports about playing games and, well, just playing with them. Here are just a few pictures of the family--I'll try to get more here as soon as possible.


Becky Jones said...

I wish we could have been there. Ethan is so cute and very handsome! My sent a great email to Brandon about her trip down and it sounds like you had tons of fun! We sure love you guys!!!

Lisa Love said...

Your little Ethan is absolutely adorable! He's so lucky to have so many loving siblings around him.

Anna said...

What a great looking family! They must have an amazing mom. :)