Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ethan's growing!

Of course, Ethan is growing like crazy--already having to put clothes away that he is too tall to wear. And, he rolled over about two weeks ago for Jim--twice in a row, from his tummy to his back. I was so jealous, though glad Jim could enjoy this first. When I tried, he did nothing--until tonight. Tonight, I was playing with him during his 'tummy time' and sure enough, he was rocking back and forth and alley-up, there he went, rolling from tummy to back! He didn't do it twice, but it was definitely ALL his doing. He's so amazing! He is also 'talking' to us now, laughing, smiling, and cooing every chance he gets--between being mauled with kisses and avoiding swinging legs and arms as siblings play around him, he just takes it all in stride. What a joy to have him join our family!

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