Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NWAACC Championship

Mary did it. As a freshman, she was chosen forher conference second team All-Stars. She was the libero (backrow specialist) and played most of every game--she came out from time to time, but never for long. She is an exceptional volleyball player and had a wonderful team full of talent and friendship to join her on the court. And not only did she receive that honor, but she and her teamwon the NWAACC Championship the past weekend. They played so well and it all paid off. It was a long, grueling battle as they went to 5 games TWICE with the same team--the one that took 2nd place. But, they prevailed and came out on top. We are so proud of Mary and her teammates. It was thrilling to watch them play! (It made me miss coaching as I watched, but I will return to the game when the little kids are older--probably when Amelie starts playing in 4th grade--I've already been told they are always looking for coaches . . .) Mary got over 100 digs during the tournament. She is simply amazing and setting a great precedent for her younger siblings. Way to go, Mary!! We love you so very much! You ARE Number One!! (Of course, we have always known this!)

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