Friday, August 5, 2011

Seat belts

I honestly will admit I had become far to lackadaisical about my kids in their seat belts. It is a chore and a half to simply get them into the car, let alone buckle them up, especially since I know that they can do it themselves. Sure, I would call to them to 'Buckle up!' but I didn't always follow up with a check to be sure they had. Until now . . . a friend of ours was in a car accident and the two NOT in their seat belts were the two most severely injured--one fatally and our friend wh ois now out of ICU but still not out of the woods. He is 17 and in the hospital in Ogden, UT for who knows how much longer. Thankfully, he is healing quickly. Still, it was a blatant reminder that if I don't insure that my kids know how important it is to buckle up now, when they are in a car without me, they won't think twice and will buckle up immediately!

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Linsey F said...

Scary! My family was in a head on collision about 22 years ago and my mother, not wearing a seat belt, was the most severely injured. The only reason the 2 in the front seats lived was because they were wearing their seat belts. In my book seat belts are not an option but in the end, we all tend to think we are invincible or it won't happen to us or it's a quick trip! Such an unfortunate reminder. I hope your friend has a quick-full recovery!