Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Billy's 'Holiday' Band Concert

Last night, we attended Billy's Holiday band concert, which was performed with the eighth grade orchestra and choir. It was very well done and we enjoyed the night. Billy did a great job playing the Alto Saxophone. We had, of course, heard his part while he practiced at home, but it was fun to hear how his part fit into the whole band to complete each song. Music is such a wonderful talent to develop and helps more than we realize in our understanding of math and science. I once listened to a reading of the top essay at an Academic Decathalon competition in Arizona on the benefits of music programs and all they teach, above and beyond the obvious music skills, techniques and appreciation. It was excellent and I often reflect on what that young girl pointed out as I listen to school performances. I am so glad we have music programs in the school. I know they are often looked on as frivolous and are often the first programs cut, but I am truly thankful for such programs and that Billy is able to participate in them. I can't wait for the younger kids to get their turn at music classes as they follow in the footsteps of their older brother and sisters. Click on the video below and you'll hear Billy and the band playing my favorite of their concert pieces--It's called 'The Name's Claus, Santa Claus.' See if you can figure out why! It's really cool! Way to go Billy! You're the coolest sax player ever!

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