Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joy School Christmas

Amelie performed in her Joy School Christmas play on Monday night for family and on Tuesday morning for a rest home. Somehow, I was nominated (did I volunteer for this?) to narrate and lead the songs. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Amelie was the angel and delivered her lines so well. She also did an excellent job on the songs and would love to perform them for you--just give her a call and she will sing them to you. She is a smart and talented little girl with a great deal of self-confidence and assurance. She was a little unsure of the elderly at the rest home, but the performance was a great success. The staff and residents couldn't stop telling us how much they enjoyed it and appreciated us coming. We were even asked to come back next year and perform not only for the regular ward, but also for the alzheimer's wing. We have been trying to focus more on the giving than receiving as this Christmas is going to be small (I have gotten far too carried away in the past and really, how many toys does one kid need? e don't have room for what we already have. let alone add to it). Plus, as a Joy School, each student is choosing one of their own toys to give away to a children's/woman's shelter. It has been tough for Amelie to choose, but a very good lesson in giving.

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