Monday, December 29, 2008

Lessons Learned

Sunday morning around 3am, I was placing Tanner back in his crib after his mid-night feeding and heard Amelie's sweet voice calling to me. It wasn't her typical nighttime cry indicating trouble, but I went to check on her anyway. I laid down beside her and asked what was wrong. She said she had had a bad dream. I asked if she was okay now and she said yes--that she had said a prayer to Heavenly Father asking Him to help her have better dreams, so she was fine now. What a simple lesson learned by a faith-filled four year old that her Heavenly Father loves her so much that he will help take her bad dreams away so she could sleep well. If only I had as much faith in my times of need to remember first to turn to my Heavenly Father and ask Him to help calm my troubled heart or 'take away' my 'bad dreams' so that I could rest easy. I am so thankful for such a wonderful little girl who teaches me to first turn to a loving Father in Heaven and have faith that He will help me feel better.


Linsey F said...

That makes me cry! How sweet. What ever made us think that we are the ones teaching our children??? I think I learn more from them!

Lisa Love said...

Lizzy and I had a similar experience just the other day. So grateful to have children who help me remember what is important. It also shows what a great mom you are Kara, someone had to teach her.

Chris S. said...

Hey Kara,

Email me your address and number. We need to chat.