Friday, January 23, 2009

Follow-up on Mr. Gunny Bag

For those of you who commented about Mr. Gunny Bag, I thought I would give you an update on how well he worked. Amelie was so worried that once she and I had gone through and organized all her toys, she has still played, but all I have to do is say that I think I hear Mr. Gunny Bag coming and she and Eric rush to pick up whatever toys they see on the floor. And at Joy School, it was just as effective! The kids cleaned up in a record 40 seconds AND they loved to hear Mr. Gunny Bag cry because they had picked everything up, so there were no toys for him to eat. I am amazed at how well this worked. Basically, I took a white garbage bag and Amelie and Eric helped draw hair, eyes and nose on him with permanent markers. I drew the mouth around the opening, which pulls shut once he 'eats' a toy. What a miracle this plastic garbage bag has been for us!

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