Friday, September 18, 2009

Family campout

After we got home from Trek, Mary took off for Volleyball Team Camp in Oregon for the entire week, Jim returned to work and Billy, Amelie, Eric, Tanner and I went camping in Glacier National Park with my sister Becky and her family and my Mom. It was a great week despite the rain the first three days. We went up to Logan Pass and hiked around and we hiked Avalanche Lake all 5 miles, I think it was, with all the kids--we didn't realize just how hard the hike would be for the little ones, but Amelie and Eric even made it--with some coaxing from Billy and me! We stayed at FishCreek Campground and hiked around there and enjoyed the beach to Lake Macdonald that was just down from our campsite. I love camping and being out in nature! We all had a wonderful time with our family enjoying the beautiful creations that Heavenly Father has given us.

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