Sunday, September 20, 2009

We're Grandparents!

Tiffany always joked about making me a young Grandma!! On July 31 at 12:2?, Mckayli Tiffany Abel was born in Mesa, AZ. She weighed in at lbs. and was inches long. (I think I remember but am waiting for Tiffany to help me fill in the blanks with the EXACTS so I don't totally mess it up :) She is a doll and I am SUPER jealous of everyone who gets to hold her and take care of her since I have yet to see her in person. Tiffany was induced on Thursday night and everything went very well. Baby Mckayli is totally adorable and has done well from day one. She is now old enough to go out to church and other outings with her mom and dad. From the adorable photos and updates from Tiffany, Mckayli is growing stronger and bigger every day. I cannot wait to see her in person!!!!!


Lisa Love said...

She is adorable!! Tell Tiffany congratulations.

Anna said...

I have a little afghan but don't know where to send it... :( Maybe I'll have to break down and sign in to Facebook.
I can't believe you are grandparents! I kind of like being a great auntie - even if just by marriage. :P I think I have a trip in January down to Mesa - so long as I am still traveling.