Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tiffany and Brian's Wedding

The excitement of July did not stop after camping--we returned, get cleaned up and started the drive south to get to Tiffany's wedding. She and Brian decided to get married about a month or so earlier, so we all did our best to get things in order to be there with her to celebrate. It took Billy, Amelie, Eric, Tanner and me 2 LONG days to drive. We left Monday afternoon and I drove all night, stopping to take naps as needed, of course. I slept at my sister Becky's in Utah that next morning while the kids played with their cousins. Then we took off again that evening and I drove again most of the night. That is certainly the best way to get through Hoover Dam quickly--there was no traffic at night!
Amelie, Tanner and I got to go to Tiffany's bridal shower that Wednesday evening. Amelie loved being the little sister and wanted to be there beside Tiffany all night to help her. It was really cute! Then on Thursday Amelie and I again helped decorate for the wedding and reception in the cultural hall of a church just down the street from Tiffany's mom's house. I got to visit with my sister-in-laws Susan and Debbie who also had come to help. Friday morning came quickly as we all got ready for the big day. We took a few pictures before the wedding and then more after. Tiffany looked beautiful and Brian was very handsome. I had made bowties for Eric and Tanner which worked out very well. Amelie wore her Flower Girl dress from Adam and Cynthia's wedding, with a few modificiations (I added a purple ribbon around the waist.) Mary had a beautiful dress that Tiffany found for her and Billy had on a snazzy new suit. Amelie did a great job walking down the aisle, scattering white flower petals. Then, Brian's little brother came carrying the rings. We actually had one false start because Mary had gone to the bathroom when they originally started, so they had everyone go back and start again. Tiffany's Bishop married them in a short and simple but sweet ceremony. We waited around for about an hour before heading to another chapel for a family luncheon that Brian's mom Peggy had organized. It was wonderful. They had decorated the gym--on each table were pictures of Brian and Tiffany framed, a stuffed red and white love dog, love candies, chocolates and nuts. The lunch was fabulous--her sister runs a catering business, I think, and wow, it was so good! That evening was the reception where Jim and I got to stand in the receiving line with the other parents and the newlyweds. It was so nice to meet some of Tiffany's friends as I had heard their names and now had a face to go with the name. Tiffany did very well--a little tired, of course and a little sore from all the standing, but otherwise feeling good and so beautiful. Secretly, I was kinda hoping she might go into labor only for selfish reasons as I really wanted to be there when the baby was born. She was actually induced the following Friday. But I'll leave that story for the next post. It was a long but wonderful day with a smiling, happy daughter and a just-as-happy new son-in-law to add to the Allen family tree.

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