Thursday, June 10, 2010

Front Page News

After the graduation ceeremony, we went outside to take pictures, of course. The Daily Interlake (local newspaper) photographer was out front at the same time snapping pics here and there. Well, we knew he had taken a whole bunch, including one of me hugging a former student and girl in our ward, and of Mary and Tanner. We were pleasantly surprised on Sunday morning to see that they had chosen the picture of Mary and Tanner for their front page picture! I wish I could cut and paste, but since I cannot, you should check it out--June 6, 2010 Graduation. You can try this link, or check it out under photos of June news features, under Flathead or FHS Graduation. We were pretty excited!


Lisa Love said...

Wowsers you guys are busy! So good to know you are all doing so well and having so much fun. Lizzy still talks about Amelie. She has been telling me lately that we need to write her a letter so I better get on that. :) You are a wonderful family. I'm sure Montana is so happy you came their way!

Allen Family said...

So funny--Amelie was telling me she needed to write a letter to Lizzie! We sure miss you guys. I love your posts, by the way. They inspire me.

Rachel said...

Kara!!! Thankyou for finding me! I just finished catching up on your blog and how busy you and the kids have been! Enjoy summer and know you are missed!