Monday, June 14, 2010

Spiritual strength

I am so amazed at the spirituality in our children, especially in our little Amelie. She teaches me a great deal by her example. She has also learned how to apply gospel principles to her own life.We have been talking about the influence of the Holy Ghost in sharing time and how the Holy Ghost communicates with us. One night after the first lesson, I was singing "Walk Tall, You're a Daughter" to her at bedtime (one of our favorites) and she turned to me and said that when I sang the line "He's closer than you know, reach up, He'll take your hand," she felt tears come into her eyes. Then she asked,'That was the holy ghost, wasn't it?' Oh yes, it was. She has such great faith, too, to know that if she needs something, she can pray and Heavenly Father will guide her to an answer through the Holy Ghost. She has said prayers for help finding Eric's missing glasses and soon after, we got the impression to look in the backyard, of all places--and there they were in the grass.
Every testimony meeting, Amelie is excited to share her testimony with the congregation. She does it all on her own and though she forgets some of the things she wanted to say once she gets up (don't we all?), she is sincere and genuine in the things she believes and shares.
Finally, she has just recently gained a love for the scriptures. In Sacrament meeting, she read over and over to herself the first article of faith. Then when we got to Primary, the little boy who was supposed to deliver the scripture and prayer was not there. So, we had Amelie come up and read/recite the first article of faith for our scripture. She did it beautifully and still remembers it, reciting it around the house and asking for help to learn the second article of faith, now.
Having been in the Primary for the last few years, I have learned just how much children can teach us about the gospel. I am so thankful for children (especially my own) who listen to the gospel teachings and who make the gospel a part of their lives. I know it strengthens me and most importantly, their spiritual connections and convictions will keep them strong in a wavering world of wickedness. What more could I ask?

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Rachel said...

I love hearing about how capable our children are of grasping big concepts. It helps motivate me to teach them even more...Amelie sounds like a very in-tuned girl!