Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bike Rides

So I have figured out the best (meaning easiest and least painful) way to get a little exercise in at 28 weeks pregnant. Bike rides. I have always enjoyed riding my bike and I got really attached to it in Yuma. So, it made sense that here, I would bike as well, especially since I can enjoy it without the sweat literally dripping off me. And bless his heart, Tanner wants to go every day (which is a good motivation for me!). He would love to ride his own bike, but he just cannot figure out how to make the pedals go on his own AND steer the bike. And then when I am not either pushing his little legs or simply pushing him along, he gets upset. Eric loves riding but isn't a long distance rider yet--once around the little niehgborhood is about all he can handle. But Amelie is in it for the long haul. She rode a while ago next to Mary for 3 miles while Mary ran. So, I knew when my friend Jennifer suggested we ride to DQ one night, Amelie could do it. She still has her training wheels attached, but that doesn't slow her down at all. She rode all the way there and back, never once complaining. I had Tanner in the bike seat behind me and Eric would have been in the trailer but he fell asleep befoer we left, so he stayed home with Dad. It was a great ride and I felt just fine after. So now, my goal is to ride at least every other day for as long a distance as I can handle. I did it in Yuma--I know I can do it here. So, library time next week is going to be on bike and I am sure I will find other places to bike as well. I love it! (The doctor's only stipulation was "Just don't fall! It's gotten a little close when one of the kids cuts me off accidentally, or if I have to adjust the bikie position while stopped, with Tanner on the back, but no tips yet!)


Carolyn said...

Get a bike trailer! I have one and is work so much better than a seat on the back!!! In fact Jordan hates getting out of it!

Allen Family said...

Oh, I do have a bike trailer, but with three kids, they don't all fit, so I put one in the seat and two in the trailer. It works amazingly well!

Lisa Love said...

Kara! How did I miss that you are pregnant? Congratulations! You have quite a crew there, they are all so lucky to call you mom.