Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So much has happened and since I have very little time for extras, the blog was put on hold. But since today is the first official day of summer vacation for me, I thought I should take a minute to post all that has happened.

It was so great to see Tiffany and Mckaylie over the weekend as they came up for Mary's graduation. Mckaylie is growing, scooting along on her belly and babbling away. Tiffany stays busy working and taking care of her family.

Mary's track took her to state for the 4 by 4 race. We drove to Great Falls Memorial Day weekend to watch her run. They ran their fastest time and came in 4th at State! The girls' team came in 4th overall, only a few points behind their in-town rivals.
Mary completed all four years of seminary very successfully and graduated this past Sunday evening. We are so proud of her accomplishments. She is also going to be getting her Young Women's Medallion very soon as well, as she has completed all of the requirements for that, too.
And of course, Mary graduated from high school on Saturday. It was a really good program. She was one of the first ones across the stage, which was exciting. For only being here one year, she is a very well known and loved student (which isn't hard for us to believe! We think she is pretty awesome!) As we went outside to take pictures, the newspaper guy was right there. He took a picture of Tanner giving Mary a hug and it turned out to be the front page picture the next day! That was pretty cool and exciting. We are so proud of the work Mary did to graduate and are looking forward to watching her play volleyball in college!

Billy did great on the JV Track team, especially shining in the 300 m hurdles. We expect he will continue there for sure in the next few years.
Billy also survived his freshman year in high school. He is starting honors classes next year and has to read Fahrenheit 451 over the summer. He has football camp and then wrestling camp, with Youth Conference in between before he leaves for Arizona for a month.
Billy did his Eagle Project about a month ago--tearing down and rebuilding dugouts for some city baseball diamonds. He should receive his Eagle soon.

Amelie just lost her first tooth on Sunday evening, right before Mary's seminary grad. She cried for a few minutes, then was so excited, she carried it around in a baggy until she lost it, so she's had nothing to put under her pillow yet.
Amelie also graduated from kindergarten this week. She was given the "Incredible Imagination" award from her class as she is always dreaming up this situation or that with her imaginary friends. She is a bright student and seems to shine in math, especially (her teachers were wowed by her counting ability).

Eric graduated from joy school--and since I won't be able to teach with the group anymore, he is really graduating to preschool next year. He talks a mile a minute and over spring break, when he decided (and I finally had time to dedicate to it) to get potty trained, it took only 2-3 days and he goes all day and all night now! He very rarely has accidents and we are so proud of his progress.

Tanner began speaking in sentences and can even say a very basic prayer with help. He loves to run and throw and play! He also loves babies--we'll see if that continues when the new baby joins our home and is here permanently!

Jim and I are doing well--staying busy, though very glad for the summer break. Next year, I will be an official full-time teacher, which will be so nice. I will teach 3 1/2 weeks before a sadly, short, but at least I get something, maternity leave. At this point, he will be Ethan Allen (a great historical figure, which Jim can teach him all about). Less than 16 weeks left~yeah!

So that's the quick wrap-up! We are a happy family!

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Just Joan said...

WOW! You are such a busy mama. Your children are beautiful. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. :)