Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mary's YW Award

Today was Mary's last Sunday in Kalispell before we take her to college. Once she graduated, she had been going to the singles ward in the Stake, so she hadn't received her Young Women's Medallion yet, even though she was done. So today in Sacrament meeting, she was the first item of business. And bless his heart, our Bishop even got choked up. Mary is such a good girl and has really set a tremendous example for the Young women here. She is the first young woman or leader from the ward to receive it in the last two years. Mary has worked hard to get all of her goals done, on top of all her schoolwork, sports, work and, of course, other church activities. And Mary is already a loveable, sweet, happy and accepting youmg woman to everyone she meets. I have never met someone who hasn't liked her. (of course, I am a bit biased, but I think I'm right on the spot on this one). We are so thankful for her example to her siblings and for the ambition and drive she exudes. Way to go, Mary; we are so proud of your efforts and accomplishments!

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