Saturday, July 10, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

So just when you get comfortable and think that everything is going well--a smooth-sailing pregnancy to end on, you ought to know that a glitch is coming. I went for my 29 week appointment and glucose test on Thursday. That morning, I did the two hour fast and drank the lemon-lime glucose drink and drove to the doctor's office. Miria, the nurse, pricked my finger and ran the iron and glucose tests. My first indicator that something was awry was when she declared, "Oh, WoW!!" at the scores that appeared. Then she asked me, "Have you been feeling tired lately?" It was all I could do to stifle an outburst. Tired? Of course! I am constantly tired, but I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant. We both laughed a little and she clarified, "I mean more than usual." Yes, I have been, and I was actually going to bring that up and see if I could get an iron supplement as I had with the other three. "Oh, yes," she replied, "you will definitely be getting that!" My score was 8.7, which though I am always borderline anemic, this was extremely low--no border in sight. Okay, easily remedied; I can handle that.
The shocker was the glucose test. Her reaction to that score was even more extreme. My score with Amelie was borderline diabetic, so they had me do the 3 hour test and I came out fine. Well, this time, my score was so high I don't even have to do the longer test (yeah!); they simply diagnose me (ugh!). So, they look for a score of 120. Mine was 208. Not good. I have gestational diabetes. Great. And to boot, the baby was measuring big--now, at every previous appointment, the baby measured maybe a little big, but within normal. Interesting that it would spike now. So, yesterday, I had another ultrasound. The kids came with me and got to see the baby, too, which was really neat. Sadly, Baby Ethan did not cooperate with a facial shot, but was saw the rest of him and were able to get all the measurements. And sure enough, he is measuring 32 weeks, not 29. And I guess he has really big feet already (according to the tech, who was, by the way, very good).
So, in the next week, I have three more appointments: one with the diabetic specialists; one for a fast and finger poke; one with the doctor. It looks like I will be going in weekly now and recording everything I eat and poking my fingers a lot. But I am not worried. I followed a diabetic's diet ten years ago when we thought I might have had diabetes--I had a few symptoms, but ended up only (hah, 'only') borderline. I did it then; I can do it now. It's healthier, anyway. I just have to lower carbs and sugars. And for the iron, I have to eat lots of red meat (every day, the doc said) and spinach. (and other iron-rich foods, but those are the heavies). I am not as upset or worried as I thought I would be. Even the doc said that these are easily controlled issues. My only question now is: if baby is really 32 weeks, can we count on an August baby? I would really like that, actually, even if it is August 30 or 31! I'll keep you posted . . . Until then, it's spinach, steak, whole wheat and fruit for our house!


Anna said...

I guess the good side is that you get to eat a lot of steak?! (I think that would make me sick so I am glad it is you.) And look at teh bright side, mom had to eat a lot of liver. :)

We love you and hope your pregnancy goes a little more smoothly.

Melissa said...

Wow, quite a shock to you. I'm glad everything is going to be okay and that they have figured things out. Good luck with everything. Rob would love the steak diet, but not so much the spinach. Hope that baby comes early for you!

Kim said...

I wanted to comment on your blog so that you would have a link to mine.
You are such a great person and I look forward to getting to know your family through your blog.
I am adding you to my reader.