Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New car seat

Did you know all car seats have an expiration date? And the one that lasted through Amelie, Eric and Tanner (though the cloth cover is a bit beat up) states, even engraved in plastic on the back, that it is not to be used after December 2009. Hmm-- we're a year off. So luckily, while the girls and I were shopping yesterday, we saw some for 50% off at Target! Lucky! Of course, I couldn't remember if I was right about the expiration date or not, so I called Jim--twice--to check it out. Unfortunately, he didn't see that notice and it didn't say anything on the stickers. I called the Pediatrician's and the DMV, who said they SUGGEST you get a new one every six years, but it isn't necessary. So I didn't get it.
When I got home, I checked out the car seat and found the engraving. Ugh--
I know the hospital inspects the baby in the car seat before you can leave and they wouldn't miss the warning, so Jim, being the absolute sweetheart that he is, went back to Target for me after picking Billy up from Football camp to get it for me. So now, we have a new baby car seat for our last baby--only now that I have it up, I don't think it clicks into the stroller like the one I had before. I thought they all did, but I can't figure this one out. I guess baby Ethan deserves something NEW and all his own, since most everything else has been through the other kids. Fun, fun adventures ahead!

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