Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Happenings

It's official. We have a college student! THough she doesn't start classes for a while still, her volleyball schedule has already begun. She and her team have been on a team bonding trip and should be back to Pendleton tomorrow. Then, practice begins. We are so excited for her. Her roommates seem so cool and friendly and I am sure the whole team is, too. Here is a picture of the team.

Almost as soon as we got back, Billy was off to the Melita Island Scout camp as a scout counselor again.. The bonus this year is that he is old enough now to get paid. Then as soon as he gets back, football practice begins. Busy, busy!

Amelie has all her 1st grade supplies and can't wait for school to start. Same iwth Eric and his Preschool experience. I think Tanner is going to miss everyone the most--he and his Dad are going to have some great father-son time 3 afternoons a week--I'm sure much of that will be napping, since that is their regular nap time!

Jim went back to work this afternoon and I am missing him terribly. It's been nice to have him around all the time, even if we were on 'vacation.'

And me, my lesson plans are coming, as is my room--Jim actually repaired a cabinet and reattached a pencil sharpener and hung a Clock (it has a bunch of French stuff on it and this way, I am facing the clock as I teach so I know what time it is.) So nice to have such a handyman hubby! Teacher meetings start next week and after that, it is going to be busy, busy, busy!!!

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