Monday, August 9, 2010

Locked Out

The other night as the little kids and I were returning home from a bike ride, I gave the keys to Amelie as I often do, to unlock the door while I finished putting helmets and bikes away. She had come back out to help me, but when she, Eric and I reached the backdoor, we heard Tanner calling to us from the inside of the door. I tried to open it to greet him, but somehow--and I still haven't figured this out because it has a child knob on it, so it is really hard to lock, it was most definitely locked and Tanner was holding the keys in his hand. Great. No hidden spare--no phone (that's another story--Tanner took my and Jim's cell phones for a swim in the toilet) and a little boy trapped inside. Luckily, the living room window was opened and the ladder was in teh garage. I climbed up and pried the screen back just far enough for Tanner to hand the keys to me. I sealed the screen back up, and climbed down. I thnk Tanner thought I was abandoning him as he started to cry--not just any wimper, but a full body throbbing cry. Poor little man! I tried to console him--that I would be right there, but he didn't understand. Amelie once again unlocked the door as I put the ladder back. And finally, we joined our little rascal inside for the rest of the evening. And who says life with toddlers is boring?!? I think it may be time to make a spare key! :)


Anna said...

Poor Tanner! And pretty amazing - I bet he was trying to open the door and instead locked it.

I am glad life isn't boring. :)

Lisa Love said...

Ohhh! Poor guy! I bet he was so happy to see you again. It only takes a moment like this to really appreciate those whom we love.