Monday, August 9, 2010


Since our computer takes FOREVER to load pictures onto the blog, I loaded a WHOLE BUNCH on my facebook site--if you're interested, that's where you should look for the latest images of the Allen's :)


Anna said...

Mary is wearing a way cute dress. Are you going to send me her address??

Lisa Love said...

I am sooo proud of Mary! She is going to make her college a better place - no doubt!

Allen Family said...

Yes--it's 214 SW 10th Street NW
Pendleton, OR 97801. Sorry it took so long--I think that is right--the only part I can't remember is if it is SW or NW. Ugh! I'm waiting for her to call and confirm. :)

Allen Family said...

Oops: 214 SW 10th Street
Penddleton, OR 97801